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“How Everyone Can Use The Power Of Words To Get More Clicks, Sales, And Profits…
No Matter What you Sell Or Who You Sell It To

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What Is The Whole Enchilada? 

  • It is NOT just another “copywriting” course bundle.
  • It is NOT a course bundle about traffic - though it will help you get a lot more sales and subscribers from the traffic you currently get (even if it’s not that much right now).
  • It is NOT a course bundle about product creation - though it will help you sell a lot more products, services, coaching programs or whatever you sell. 
  • ​It is NOT a course bundle about list building- though it will help you build a huge list of targeted ready to buy subscribers. 

The Whole Enchilada is a Shortcut

This is over 20 hours of training from Jim Edwards, about how everyone can use the power of words to get more clicks, make more sales, and get more subscribers....
no matter what you sell or who you sell it to!
And it includes over 15 wizards, templates and scripts to make it easy for you to implement.

Learn How to Write Copy JUST LIKE Jim!

“I know I am way ahead of where I was before taking this course…”

I cannot put into words how this training helped me. I do think with the training I received, Jim Edwards has answered my questions and eliminated my self imposed doubts about being able to move forward toward my goals of not only being a published eBook author, but one whose eBooks are read. 

Jim shares plainly the expertise he acquired over many years and teaches what he knows will work for you. I know I am way ahead of where I was before taking this course… I feel I am finally looking forward to success in this area instead of just dreaming about it.

– Rusty Norman

what you get
what you get


The Whole Enchilada

Learn To Write Like Jim Edwards & Increase Your Clicks, Sales, and Profits... No Matter What You Sell Or Who You Sell It To!

You Need A Proven Expert To Teach You How To Write Rock Solid Copy… 

Over the last 24 years, Jim Edwards has written, created and sold *millions of dollars* in ebooks and info-products online. 
He’s been fortunate enough to:
  • Create multiple million dollar sales letters.
  • ​Get millions of clicks on my ads, emails, and social media posts.
  • ​Be the #1 affiliate for some of the biggest product launches in Internet history, including John Reese’s “Million Dollar Day” and Russell Brunson’s “Traffic Secrets” Book Launch.
  • ​​Build up subscribers lists totaling hundreds of thousands.
  • ​​Sell millions of dollars from funnels, teleseminars, webinars, and live presentations.
  • ​​Figured out how to sell everything from software to coaching to ebooks, books, membership sites, affiliate products, CDs, DVDs and more in multiple industries.
Jim Edwards Author

You need step-by-step details spelled out quickly! 
By a real-world expert who can teach you the ropes.

If you want to learn how to quickly and profitably turn out your own copy– Jim will help you do it through this ground-breaking, completely curated copywriting bundle of 20 of his favorite trainings

Here Are Just Some Of The Amazing Secrets, Tips, & Techniques This Course Bundle Will Teach You:

Sales Letters: How to write a good sales letter that makes sales no matter what you sell!

  • How to craft a headline that grabs people's attention and sucks them in
  • ​How to open your sales letter to pull people even further into the sales letter so they keep reading
  • How to make bullets that get people's mouths watering for what you sell
  • How to use sub-headlines to create an alternate reading path so you can sell people who don't even read your sales letter
  • ​How to use your guarantee to sell even more (and not make the mistake everyone else makes with their guarantee)
  • How to make a call to action at the end that makes buying a no-brainer
  • How to use the "PS" to grab more sales and not let people slip away
  • The TRUTH about your "Buy" button and how to make it drive more sales (and NO, it's NOT to make it an ORANGE button)
  • ​How to quickly tailor your sales letter to your target audience for even more profit-pulling power

Email Marketing: How to Structure Your Messages, Sequences and Email Campaigns for Maximum Profit

  • How to start the entire process with just ONE email message (yep, you don't even have to create the sequence to launch).
  • ​Specific and PROVEN Message Patterns that get results (including purchase messages, free offers, upsells, thank you's and more)...
  • Important Reminders & Tips About Email You Can’t Afford to Miss (Get these wrong, and you’re doomed before you even start)…
  • The #1 Question to Ask Before Creating and Sending an Email to Your List (Most people miss this and get a ton of unsubscribes in the process)…
  • ​The ONLY TWO Numbers that Really Count When Tracking Emails…
  • The Purpose of Each Part of Your Email Messages, and Why This Makes a HUGE Difference in the Results You’ll Get…
  • Battle-Tested Email Formatting That Works & The Tools That Make This Super EASY!
  • How to Sequence Your Email Messages to Make Your Subscribers Eager to Open Every Message and Do What You Want on Command

There are literally over 20 hours of training from Jim Edwards in this bundle!

Headlines: How to create the right headline for the right purpose to get amazing results

  • What makes a great headline?
  • ​How do you come up with great headlines fast?
  • ​The difference between HOT, warm, and cold traffic (and how it dramatically affects your headlines)...
  • ​Why headlines are the single most important part of any sales piece...
  • All the different places and purposes you can use headlines for to get amazing results (it's not just on top of sales letters)...
  • ​The #1 mistake people make with headlines (and how to avoid it)...
  • ​The top MYTHS people believe about headlines (and what to do instead)...
  • ​How one headline increased sales by 500% in less than 10 minutes...
  • ​How you can instantly put what you learn into action in your own business...
  • ​Why creating great headlines is the TOP copywriting skill we all need to develop (and this new wizard makes it 100X easier and faster)!

These only scratch the surface of all of the content inside The Whole Enchilada! 

Origin Stories: How Your Story of ‘WHY’ Help Them Try, Buy or Subscribe

  • How every experience can have an origin story
  • ​Why you shouldn’t think you’re defined by a single origin story (a huge mistake most people make!)
  • ​How to use your story in multiple ways moving forward (HINT: You can create any moral that fits your sales purpose)
  • ​The secret to finding an unlimited supply of origin stories in your own life
  • ​The perfect way to tell any origin story (whether it’s your own, someone else’s, or even a third party’s story)
  • ​How to instantly separate yourself from the competition with the power of your story and instantly answer why people should buy from you right now

If we told you everything in this bundle, the sales page would be 100,000 words long! 

Storytelling: How to use stories to sell more...
no matter what you sell!

  • How and why storytelling is so basic to human communication (and how to use stories to short-circuit people's buying defenses and go straight to the deepest parts of their emotional brains)..
  • ​Why each of us is already a MASTER storyteller, but you don't even realize it (but once I reveal the simple formulas for telling stories in your sales copy, you'll be spinning yarn around the online campfire like an old pro)...
  • ​The THREE (3) elements every successful story must contain (and why forgetting one of these elements is virtual sales copy suicide!)...
  • ​Specifically which types of stories to tell in your sales copy (we'll even give you the time-tested, battle-hardened, PROVEN formulas to follow for creating your own profit-pulling stories)...
  • ​Specific tips for how YOU can use stories in your sales copy to make more sales, get more subscribers and explode your business by connecting with people on a much deeper level...

...Plus Stealth Closes, VSLs, The Hero’s Journey, Product Promises and More! 

Act immediately and receive the following bonuses

Since we know it’s 100% to your benefit to act right away, we want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES today!
If you respond immediately, you’ll also receive the following:

Bonus #1
10 Wizards To Help You Write

There are over 10 wizards in The Whole Enchilada so you’ll never have to start from scratch again! Simply fill in your answers, hit the button and boom! Watch the copy appear!
  • PPT Video Sales Letter Wizard- The "Problem-Agitate-Solve" Formula
  • ​Express Sales Letter Wizard- Create streamlined sales letter drafts fast! 
  • Direct Response Headlines Wizard - Generate direct response headlines! (Gary Halbert's Favorite)
  • Killer Headline Wizard - Generate Killer Headline Drafts for sales letters, emails, blog ads, Craigslist, brochures, social media, and more -- FAST
  • Product Promise Express Wizard - Generate profitable product promises in seconds! 
  • Origin Story Wizard - use this wizard to create your sales story to help sell anything
  • ​3rd Party Hero’s Journey Wizard - Create the perfect outline for a Hero's Journey story about someone else!
  • ​3rd Party Sales Story Wizard - Create the perfect sales story about a third person (real or fictional).
  • Stealth Close Wizard - create under the radar calls to action
  • Hero’s Journey Wizard - Create the perfect outline for a Hero's Journey story

Bonus #2
Cliff Notes, Slide Decks, Transcripts & MP4 files

The Whole Enchilada is over 20 hours of training from Jim Edwards and most modules include additional teaching aids designed to help you learn better
Each training is different but may include:
  • Downloadable MP3 files
  • ​Downloadable MP4 files
  • ​Cliff Notes
  • ​Slide Decks
  • ​Cheat Sheets
  • ​Enhanced Transcripts
  • ​Golden Nuggets
  • ​Recorded Q & A Calls 
  • ​And More!

Bonus #3
Instant Sales Video Scripts

Instantly create proven, money-making video sales letters, sales story scripts and video scripts with the click of a mouse... no matter what product, service, or software you sell! Create scripts for awesome marketing videos & video sales letters with this simple point & click software!
  • Creates dozens of different sales and story scripts you can use to sell anything (your products or affiliate offers)
  • ​Creates 2 different Video Sales Letters
  • Creates all the PowerPoint slides you need to deliver your video sales letters
  • ​It even creates scripts you can use with a teleprompter if you want to do live motion video sales letters
  • ​Use this wizard to create scripts for your sales videos in less than 15 minutes!

Learn the tips, tricks and secrets directly from
one of the most succesful copywriters online today!

What works and what doesn’t in the “real world” of online marketing.
Marketing secrets – how to explode your sales virtually overnight!
Jim will reveal his secrets to YOU…
Learn from someone just like you… who jumped into the world of copy, and is making money passively day and night.
Discover what he learned about making money from an email list.
​Go inside the mind of one of the most successful copywriters today to learn his real-world secrets.

Here’s The Bottom Line On This Incredible Resource

The Whole Enchilada will teach you how to:
  • Write headlines that grab people’s attention
  • Craft emails that will sell while you sleep
  • ​Create a sales message quickly and more effortlessly than you ever dared to dream possible
  • ​Write sales pages like a pro 
  • ​​Use your origin story to create a powerful why
  • ​… and much MORE!
Jim Edwards Author

This Information is Priceless

Jim regularly gets paid $1,500 - $2,000 dollars an hour for his time.
In fact, Jim recently hosted an “e-class” training where he taught over 1,000 business owners to write and publish their own sales letter. This priceless training let these business owners in on Jim’s proven secrets!
Jim regularly speaks at Internet conferences and Author Summits where attendees paid thousands of dollars to hear him speak.

You can’t lose with our 100%,
ironclad, money-back guarantee

Your satisfaction is assured through our no risk, you-can’t-lose, 100%, no-questions-asked, iron-clad money-back guarantee. 
If for any reason, you aren’t thrilled and satisfied with your purchase, contact us within 30 Days and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase price. 
what you get
what you get

Here’s Everything You Get TODAY

  • "The Whole Enchilada Copywriting Course Bundle - 20 Hour Course Bundle - Write Like Jim!"
  • Bonus: “10 Fill In The Blank Wizards To Help Create Your Copy"
  •  Bonus: "Cliff Notes, Slide Decks, Transcripts & MP3 files"
  • ​Bonus: “Sales Video Scripts”

($5997 Value)

($2497 Value)

($497 Value)


Total Value: $9,488

Price: $2477

Price: $2477

  • "The Whole Enchilada Copywriting Course Bundle - 20 Hour Course Bundle - Write Like Jim!"
    ($4997 value)
  • Bonus: “15+ Fill In The Blank Wizards To Help Create Your Copy"
    ($1497 value)
  •  Bonus: "Cliff Notes, Slide Decks, Transcripts & MP3 files"
    ($497 value)
  • ​Bonus: “Sales Video Scripts”
    ($497 value)

Total Value: $9,488

Price: $2477

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PPS: In case you're one of those people (like me) who scroll down to the end of the letter, here's the scoop:
I'm offering you, "The Whole Enchilada Copywriting Course Bundle” with over 20 hours of training so you can write sales copy JUST LIKE ME. Inside this bundle there are also over 15 fill in the blank wizards THAT will fast track your copywriting brain to success.
There's no catch... no gimmicks... You will NOT be signing up for any "trial" to some monthly program or anything like that.
In fact, there isn’t even an order bump or one time offered on the next page. I’m literally giving you my BEST STUFF for one low price. 
So, Click the button below to get your access now. You’re going to love it!
To your success,
Jim Edwards
what you get
what you get

The Whole Enchilada Course Bundle

  • "The Whole Enchilada Copywriting Course Bundle - 20 Hour Course Bundle - Write Like Jim!"
  • Bonus: “15+ Fill In The Blank Wizards To Help Create Your Copy"
  •  Bonus: "Cliff Notes, Slide Decks, Transcripts & MP3 files"
  • ​Bonus: “Sales Video Scripts”

($5997 Value)

($2497 Value)

($497 Value)


Total Value: $9,488

Price: $2477

  • "The Whole Enchilada Copywriting Course Bundle - 20 Hour Course Bundle - Write Like Jim!"
    ($4997 value)
  • Bonus: “15+ Fill In The Blank Wizards To Help Create Your Copy"
    ($1497 value)
  •  Bonus: "Cliff Notes, Slide Decks, Transcripts & MP3 files"
    ($497 value)
  • ​Bonus: “Sales Video Scripts”
    ($497 value)

Total Value: $9,488

Price: $2477

"As soon as I just kept it simple and did what you said, it worked!..."

"I just did what you said and got it done and the sales started coming in... and this is without ANY direct promotion..."

- Ray Burton Personal Training

“I’ve learned more, and taken more action, than in anything else I’ve done.”

I absolutely loved this training. I’ve spent a LOT of money that I couldn’t afford to spend on internet training, marketing, and NONE of what I’ve done has been so specific, clear, and helpful as this has been

In other words, I’ve learned more, and taken more action, than in anything else I’ve done. I was able to take a book that I’ve been trying to write for several years (and gotten nowhere with!), and, by working thru the process you teach in this course, break it down into manageable bits. In fact, it became so manageable that I ended up with a series of books planned, rather than one ginormous one.

– Marie Angeli

“This course in particular delivered exactly what it promised.”

Jim Edwards has always been one of my favorite teachers. He’s a down to earth guy that doesn’t waste my time telling me how good he is, but showing me what I can do to become as good as he is! 

He is detailed and comprehensive without being hard to follow, so it is easy to understand his instructions. He is also very sensitive to the needs of his individual students and does his best to answer everyone’s questions. 

This course in particular delivered exactly what it promised. Jim gave us step by step instructions and explained WHY each step was necessary. 

He also gave supporting examples and real time online demonstrations of what he was teaching us… I look forward to Jim’s next course.

– John Vincent Palozzi

“One word. . .value”

One word. . .value. For the price and time, Jim’s course is great, well worth it. And I’m looking forward to his marketing course !

– Greg Nelson

“Thanks to your training it’s really happening now.“

Jim, I have tried to get my ebook going for years.YEARS! I’d start, stop, start again, get frustrated and quit the whole thing. Thanks to your training it’s really happening now. I am actually putting it together and feel confident about the parts I need to put together so it can happen.

– Mark S. Kearns, MA, N.H.D.

“I learned everything I needed to know on how to get an ebook created and published in just a few days.”

If you are considering taking your knowledge or other sources of information or even if you have a great fiction tale you want to tell, Jim Edwards’ training is THE source of information. 

He gives you great examples to make learning easier and even provides templates so you can just follow along, do what he does.

He even answers all your nagging questions. This training is the best value on the Internet! And you’ll love Jim’s teaching style!

– Anita Thibeault

“…Very thorough, well paced and practical training…”

Jim provided a very thorough, well paced and practical training that was extremely enjoyable and immediately actionable. I have gained a lot of insight and a renewed confidence in bringing my (product) to market. 

His good humored down to earth style and ability to present his own experience in such helpful ways, makes this training a joy to recommend.

– Gordon Dickson

“I really appreciate the fact that you are making your classes reasonable in price.”

As usual, this training was very thorough. I always know that I am going to get my money’s worth from your courses, which is the reason that I keep coming back for more. I really appreciate the fact that you are making your classes reasonable in price.

– Anne Buchanan

* DISCLAIMER: Your results will most certainly vary from person to person. Our best efforts, time, energy and experiences have been used in preparing this information, but, as you are surely aware, your results cannot be guaranteed. The fact is – as with any educational product of this type – you may make a lot of money, you may make a little money, or you may not make any money (heck, you might even lose money). Any testimonials are for information purposes and should not be considered “typical” results or even true results as they have not been verified in any way (other than our students sent them to us). We have no statistical data to support “actual” results from any user and strongly suspect that, unfortunately, most people who buy ANY information product online probably don’t do much, if anything, with any of the products they buy. Hopefully you’ll be different and actually take action on what we teach you here.
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